What Is The Difference Between Hardware And Software?

When it comes to computers there are three types of ware; hardware, software and firmware. What is the difference between them? Let’s start with hardware.

Hardware is any physical component of a computer system. This includes the motherboard, the central processing unit, the disk drives, the mouse, the keyboard, the monitor and any other piece of equipment that you may own. Hardware is the bones of the computer system. Hardware can only be changed by upgrading the physical components of the computer.

Software is the programming. This is the set of instructions that is read by the hardware. These instructions are written in a coded computer language and allow users to interface with the computer. Software is essentially any program that is introduced to the computer and its operating system. Software can be upgraded by buying a new version and installing it on the hardware that you already own.

Firmware is software that comes preloaded on some pieces of hardware. It is a set of instructions on how the hardware is supposed to interact with the software that is loaded in the system. This software is hard to remove or replace but it can be done with updating special tools.

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