Why Do I Need Word Processing Software?

If you work with documents on a regular basis you need a word processing software program. Word processing programs allow you to create written documents, such as letters, memos, resumes and other types of correspondence. You can edit your document, add graphics, insert tables, and add page borders and so much more. You can save your document in a variety of formats such as html, doc, or txt. Some programs are not compatible with the write or the notepad default programs that are already installed on your computer. Nearly every computer has some type of word processing software. Some of these programs have limited features and others do not.

Programs with limited features can only edit, save and print. The more advanced applications can edit, save, format, print, insert and merge documents within the same word processing program. Stand alone programs have been used since the 1970′s and since then they have really improved. You can proof read your text and perform grammar check and spell check on each document you create. Some software can even perform mathematical calculations and allow the user to include footnotes at the bottom of the page. Word processing allow you create stylish papers, and write ebooks and more.

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